You can do hard things…

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dara transformation may 2016

You can do anything you put your mind to. I can remember feeling totally lost, being found and then feeling lost again during my last pregnancy. I had the tools, I had done it before and I knew a great way to make my transformation happen again…I still felt stuck. I was depressed and bummed because even though I was growing a human I was still gaining weight, not feeling sexy and beating myself up about it. It’s easy enough now, because I am on the other side of that wall I was hitting…to see that when we are overweight, not happy about ourselves and feeling down and out nothing seems possible. No matter what option there is out there for us to feel better & get back to ourselves doing hard things does NOT seem like a fun option. When I decided inside my heart that no matter what I was going to get results, was not going to stay stuck with the baby weight and I was going to do what I needed to, what I had done before to be able to get the weight off and get happy again.
12 days
Mindset is everything. Mindset will help you see you can do hard things and push past all the negative things that cloud your mind. Working on YOU is a huge project and something that needs to happen for your overall happiness and well being. Sure you can not work on yourself and not do hard things, sweep things under the rug…but you and I both know that the feelings & thoughts you have still twirl around your head. It’s so much easier to get your mind shift right when you decide to work on the hard stuff. Best thing is when you have a solid plan to follow and support like no other you will get to your goals, you will be able to see the bright side. When you see results it will fuel you. You will be able to do hard things. Weight loss doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. It can be something you can wrap your head around when you do it from home, have flexibility in it and it’s laid out clear and easy.
I did hard things and I know you can too. Make the decision to take a step in the right direction and reach out to me. Let’s work on the most important project you can think of together…YOU!

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