Buffalo Green Quesadillas

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Green Queso

You have to love it when on rare occasion you come up with a gem like this one….
Buffalo Green Quesadillas are a product of last nights left over veggies & the buffalo jack cheese I just had to try!
I am all about keeping things in my fridge and kitchen that I can eat and then coming up with delicious concoctions like this one. There was nothing about this lunch that wasn’t absolutely phenomenal and I am totally satisfied too!
I follow a color coded portion control diet that is EVERYTHING when it comes to weight loss & healthy eating. I have been eating like this for 2 years and it helps me keep my weight down & my body in a happy place. Gotta love that! Believe it or not but you can overeat on the right foods too!
Nutrition is a huge part of who I am as a Mom, Wife & Nurse. I have seen what diseases have been produced and stem directly from the foods we eat. With my knowledge of this and desire for myself and family to live a more natural lifestyle, I shop natural and organic and keep a clean kitchen!
My clean lunch of choice today was a hit and Mason loved it too so they will be a hit with everyone in the house and might even be a great, inventive way to get your picky kids to enjoy their veggies!
I mean..who doesn’t love broccoli when it has cheese on it!?!
Here’s how I made them..

1 Spinach Wrap (trader Joes non GMO goodness)
1 Cup of last nights roasted broccoli & onions (roasted for dinner with EVOO, Pink salt & Garlic)
1 Slice of Buffalo Jack Cheese (aldi or trader joes carries it)

Heat your pan up warm one side of the wrap then flip it over and do the same. Place 1/2 a slice of cheese on the bottom and lay your veggies on top, then place the other half of cheese & bring your wrap flap over quesadilla style. Cook a few minutes on each side until brown over medium heat, Slice with pizza cutter & serve!

Thank me later & Enjoy!

21 Day Fix Approved-
1 <3 Yellow 1 <3 Blue 1 <3 Green

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