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Everyday I wake up and have to still remind myself to be super thankful for the life I live. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about what I was missing when I was a working Nurse outside of the home. Now I am home with my kids, present for my families every need. I realize everyday how much I missed out on when I was working. It’s surreal to me that now I get to wake up and spend my day working on what I choose to. With our brand new home still needing a ton of attention to make it the home we want it to be I am GRATEFUL that I don’t have a J O B to go to. It’s hard to not think about as my husband goes to work everyday and I am left to fend for the house. All the different things that HAVE to happen, there just isn’t enough time to just be a weekend warrior for ever. I know life moves quickly and we tend to not be able to slow down and enjoy it but this is something I am determined to do. WHY? Because it makes me a happier Momma. To be home, working from home, able to have fun with my kids, do what we want with our days…It’s how life was meant to be lived. NOT working for someone else agenda. I know I might be rambling a little but who cares…this is MY blog. I want to share with people how life can really be so much better when you decide to WORK for yourself. My kids are my WHY. I never want to miss a thing and that helps me stay focused daily on what I am doing. Keeps me motivated but the truth is when I think about the diligence I have give and was never going to give up that keeps me in the game. YES owning your own home based business isn’t your average 9-5 and can sometimes be a tough choice for people to make BUT when you decide that being successful and living a life by your own design is more important then watching TV or making money for someone else you know you have what it takes. I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! Being that I do and because I can I want other ladies who CAN too, to join me! I am on a mission to share that what I have created from home, a successful soon to be 6 figure business is totally doable by other ladies too, MOMS! From full-time home health nurse, pounding the pavement for someone else to a full-time #GlofitnessMomboss. Let me not fail to mention that I have also been able to lose 100 pounds, have baby #2 and get my body back! YES I have been able to have 2 transformations and NO i didn’t get pregnant and have a baby bump. I gained 60+ pounds (still not sure of the exact # because I refused to get on the scale it was so bad) I love that the best thing is everything I do, fitness, health, work is all based OUT OF MY HOME. I have the best commute ever and get to hang out with my kids in my living room office. Did I mention we go on crazy awesome vacations like 3 times a year where I share my time and heart with other #Mombosses from Team Glofitness and like minded, awesome people! This is the best job I have ever had and if you think anything i’m saying jives with you then get in touch with me. Fill out an application to join my team and see how awesome it really is to become a Team Glofitness #MOMBOSS

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