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dara turkey

Have you thought about the aftermath of Thanksgiving yet? Of course just like you I am going to enjoy every bit of what will be on our Thanksgiving table.. but here’s the deal… that turkey bloat won’t go away on it’s own! Don’t allow yourself to stay feeling sluggish and most definitely don’t allow one holiday to slow you down! I need a few days to bask in all my Thanksgiving glory so we will start the Monday post Turkey day. A fresh new week to lose the bloat and feel FABULOUS! Join me November 30th for a 3 Day Cleanse that will detoxify your body and have you back on track!

What to Expect:

-Fresh food options that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.
-Rehydration to flush out the toxins
-Superfood-packed Shakeology
-An amazing support group

10 spots available! Get in touch with me if you are interested by November 18th so you have your kit in time!
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. . . I ordered a T25 challenge pack on August 3rd, 2013 and never looked back. I was immediately drawn to the ease and taste of Shakeology and the fact that the workouts I had dreaded were only 25 minutes long. I thought, "I can do that, no problem!” Ironically, I had no clue about the coaching opportunity when I contacted my coach for information on T25 and Shakeology. When I found out I could cover the cost of my products by sharing with my friends, I was all in, and little did I know that my life would be forever changed . . .