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All Mommy’s Wanted!

As a busy Mom of 2 little boys, Gavin 4 & Mason 3 months I am beyond grateful that I decided to take the opportunity to hear more about what coaching was all about when it was presented to me. I really just wanted to get in shape for myself and get the weight off of me that I had gained with my 1st pregnancy. Little did I know that me just wanted to lose some weight & get healthy would lead to so much more. I love what I do and love even more that I get to stay home with my baby instead of sending him to day care so I can go to work for someone else on their terms, not my own. I was able to set a goal for myself to retire from my nursing job and stay home with baby #2 and be more present then ever for my #1. I have done just that in 2 short years. I am a full time work from home Mommy now & could not be happier getting spend my days on my terms. I set my own hours, I enjoy all the things I used to miss while I was working & I am making a 6 figure income to boot.

Never think that something you want in your life is impossible. It isn’t it’s all about creating a life by your own design and being an online health & fitness coach has provided me with the ability to be present for my family like I always wanted & wished I could be. I am not a fitness model, personal trainer or nutrition expert. I am just a Mom who shares her story with others to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle. Perks of my job are endless…workout clothes to work, unlimited vacation time & free trips from the company…just to name a few. Who doesn’t love being rewarded for their hard work? As coaches we are always rewarded for our efforts which I LOVE!

Because I love my job as a coach so much I want to help inspire other Moms who might be stuck or looking for sometime more to do what I have been able to do. Why not right? If I can do it anyone can do it, it’s all a matter of how bad you want it. For me I didn’t want to work as a Nurse, I was burnt out and Coaching was my answer out. So grateful.

If any of this sounds like you or like something you really want to look into to say “hey..maybe that might be something I could do” then I would love to have you join me! I’m putting together a FREE 5 day SNEAK PEEK INTO COACHING. This is where you can learn more about what I do as a coach and how I was able to turn this into a growing business from home that has crazy potential YES check out what coaching is all about before you EVEN commit to joining my team, TEAM GLOFITNESS ! I am a 5 Star Diamond Coach and we, team glofitness are in the top 0.1% of the company and LOVE to get new Mommy’s started off right & on the road to being successful! This free preview will answer all your questions and I will also go through a complete run down of what your first month will look like as an OWNER of your own health and fitness business too so it will take out all the guess work. We are better together and will do it as a team, No worries!

Team Glofitness is now accepting applications! Click here to apply! Join Team Glofitness Today!

If you are interested in joining please just comment below, “I’m IN” so I can send you the info to the group so you can join us!

Excited for our group!

ps. **you can NOT already be a coach or working with another coach please**

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